Call For Papers

ICAIDT Conference is open to submission from scholars and experts in the areas of artificial intelligence and digital technology. The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence

Agent-based Systems 

Ant Colony Optimization 

Approximate Reasoning 

Artificial Immune Systems 

Artificial Intelligence in Modeling and Simulation

Artificial Intelligence in Scheduling and Optimization

Artificial Life 

Brain-Machine Interfaces 

Cognitive Systems and Applications 

Collective Intelligence 

Differential Evolution 

Evolutionary Data Mining 

Evolutionary Design 

Evolutionary Scheduling

Basic Theory and Application of Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Analysis and Processing

Biometric Identification

Bioinformatics and Artificial Life

Computer Vision and Image Processing

Evolutionary Calculation

Information Retrieval and Web Search

Intelligent Planning and Scheduling

Intelligent Control


Knowledge Science and Knowledge Engineering

Machine Learning and Data Mining

Machine Perception and Virtual Reality

Natural Language Processing and Understanding

Neural Network and Deep Learning

Pattern Recognition Theory and Application

Rough Set and Soft Computing


Smart Wireless Communications

Antenna, wireless propagation, and channel modeling

OFDM and multi-carrier techniques

Smart antenna and space-time signal processing

MIMO, multi-user MIMO, and massive MIMO

Modulation, coding, and diversity techniques

Dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio

Interference management and radio resource allocation

Equalization techniques

Synchronization, estimation, and detection techniques

Wireless multiple access (CDMA, OFDMA, NOMA, etc)

Cooperative and relay-aided communications

Heterogeneous and small-cell networks

Full-duplex communications and networking

Artificial intelligence/machine learning for wireless systems

Energy-efficient and green communications

Ultra-wideband (UWB) communications

Wireless optical communications

Millimeter wave and Terahertz communications

UAV-based communications

Cross-layer design and optimization for wireless systems

Energy harvesting and wireless power transfer

Wireless physical layer security

M2M, D2D, and loT communications

Wireless communications systems and standard

Performance evaluation for wireless systems

Localization and navigation techniques

Multimedia communications over wireless


Smart Services and Application

Network and Sensors

Neural Networks and Applications

Communication and Signal Processing

Intelligent Transportation Systems

RFID Technology and Application

Cognitive Radio and Sensor-Based Applications

Content Distribution in Wireless Home Environment

Big Data Storage

Service Oriented Architectures, Service Portability

SIP Based Services, Multimedia and Middleware

Innovative User Interfaces for Multimedia Services

Regulations, Standards and Spectrum Management

Communications Software and Services

Mobile Computing Systems

Distributed Systems

Embedded Systems

Autonomous Systems